10 Ways To Promote Your Book

Promoting your book should happen way before you actually publish your book. Do not wait until afterwards and think you are going to get sales.

If you are not making money, it’s a hobby.

Set a sales goal prior to you publishing your book. So that you will not become overwhelmed and upset when sales are not coming frequently as you expect. Be specific and realistic about your goal.

10 Ways To Promote Your Book

  1. Word of Mouth
  2. Book Trailer
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Book Giveaway
  5. Share snippets from your book on all social media platforms.
  6. Have a table read. Invite friends and family over to read chapters throughout your book.
  7. Attend trade shows and/or vendor at events.
  8. Go live and have a discussion as it relates to book category. i.e relationships, dating, parenting etc.
  9. Post on Pinterest.
  10. Have someone interview you and record it to post on YouTube.

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