Under Construction

faith triumphs FEAR all day.

let me tell you a little story 🗣the plan and ONLY plan I had was to get a storefront #period.

anyone that know me, when I say I’m going to do something I REALLY want I go full swing hook or crook and go after it.

this time was different I wasn’t in a rush JuST wanted things to be right. i scouted storefronts, buildings, locations etc., getting a suite was NEVER in the plan.

what changed i had a meeting with my mentor and she told me to start SMALL. definitely not what i wanted to hear . so me being hard headed i continued to do my thang.

until i heard it again start SMALL.

this time I listened but I waited weeks before I went forward and made the decision to go forth with getting my suite.

the blessing from making the decision is immeasurable • know that my vision haven’t changed for GLOWISM it’s part of the journey that I have decided to EMBRACE.

checkout my #instastory to hear HOW my family and lifestyle impacted my decision greatly @glowismaesthetics.

p.s staytuned for the UPGRADE 🧡

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