Meditation Unlocked: Common Myths and Misconceptions

Although meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, it has not been widely utilized in the West until recently. For many, only a limited view of what meditation is and how it is practiced has been available. Thus, leaving the door wide open for a multitude of myths and misconceptions to take root in … More Meditation Unlocked: Common Myths and Misconceptions

Blended Families

Some families are created in different ways but are still, in every way, a family A blended family starts with a couple that comes together with children from a previous relationship. Sometimes they may not have children together, but when the family comes together his children become her (the wife) children, and her children become … More Blended Families

3 Tools to Unleash Your Greatness

If you are inflicted with the disease of shouldna,  couldna, or wouldna then it’s time to unleash your greatness. If you have allowed adversaries, adversities, self-doubt, lies, hate, bitterness, or insecurity to overshadow you…If you have allowed others to project their fears and shortcomings on you…then it’s time to unleash your Greatness. Those who are … More 3 Tools to Unleash Your Greatness

BeBodacious: 5 Business Resolutions

Are you Bold? Are you Audacious? As an entrepreneur, Bold and Audacious are paramount traits to propel you to Greatness. What’s hindering you from greater? What steps can you take today to transform your life financially, spiritually, emotionally, and on all other domains? Challenge List 5 Business Resolutions that you can feasibly accomplish within the … More BeBodacious: 5 Business Resolutions

7 Tips: Faith and Mental Health

Are your spiritual or religious beliefs hindering your mental well-being? For some, there seems to be a dichotomy between mental wellness and religion.  “Prayer changes everything.” “Mental illness manifests because of sin.” These prophecies will only further compound and complicate the real struggles that those whom live with mental health challenges experience.  Mental health challenges … More 7 Tips: Faith and Mental Health