Parenting with No Bra – For the Independent Woman

Saved, Chic, and Shabby


At last, Ms. Azeta Joel releases her memoir “Parenting with No Bra”. In this book, Azeta shares the peaks and valleys of her life as a single mother. Read how Azeta overcame a foundation of poverty as a teenage mother living in subsidized housing to climbing the ranks of Corporate America and living the middle-class lifestyle.

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As you turn the pages of her memoir, you will see how Azeta realized that GOD always stood by her side in times of trouble. By the time she had her second child in her early 30’s, Azeta had matured to the point that she realized that she could not successfully parent alone. This “Ah Ha” moment drove her to stress the importance of communication between co-parents and the value of re-establishing a healthy relationship with the absent father. In response,she chose to create an atmosphere that encouraged him to become involved in his child’s life.
Through her journey, Azeta became an overcomer and desires to see all mothers embrace the challenge of taking responsibility for their wrongdoing when it comes to parenting. As a life coach, Azeta wants mothers to place value on self reflection, lower all barriers with the absentee fathers of their children and allow them to be involved the children’s daily activities.
Read this book and hear the message that Azeta forwards to any and all mothers who fear the unknown, experience doubt daily and struggle with frustration and diversion with the absent father….”It’s Handled. – God”

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