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Has The Traditional House Wife Role Evolved In The 21st Century?

Photo Credit: Mirror Uk and Instagram House Manager is a term that when I first heard it, I chuckled! I guess I didn’t quite understand it or think about how it applies to my own life. The literal idea of it is very accurate, at least when used about women. As I define it, house managers provide structure, routine and sanity to the home. We merely keep … Continue reading Has The Traditional House Wife Role Evolved In The 21st Century?

Chic: It’s A Family Affair

I’m so excited to be announcing my book signing for both books “Parenting with No Bra” and “Like Father, Like Son – I Am”. If I can be honest this is totally a big step for me. Definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone. But I’m very much excited. This event is a family affair so bring everybody out to partake in the festivities. In … Continue reading Chic: It’s A Family Affair

The Wait

For years and after several failed relationships I tell myself, I’m going to let God send me the “One” aka my future husband. How many times have you told yourself the same thing? From one bad relationships to the next.  And having to deal with all the emotional baggage heartbreak, pain, hurt, betrayal, and  lack of affection. Aren’t you tired of this cycle? After my … Continue reading The Wait

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

When a newborn enters the world all hands are on deck! Grandparents, mother-in-law, sisters, cousins, aunties, and besties are called. This tribe is called on to not only care for the newborn but to nurture the mother. This was a tradition back in the day and still going on in some cultures and families. The family bond has become desolate. Mother’s are left raising the child … Continue reading It Takes a Village to Raise a Child