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It’s me Zeta J,  author, blogger, and book strategist. I’m 100% sure you landed on this page because you want to write a book….


I have met hundreds of people who want to write a book but never start. Or start but never finish. All of us have a story to tell but thousands never get to tell their story.

Your story is not your story for you to keep but your story to share. – Deedria Chauntee

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Don’t let this be you in 2018! I have created three signature programs to help you birth your book. Let me be your book coach BFF! For four to six weeks, we will work closely together writing, planning, and executing. All in hopes of getting you to the finish line = self-publishing your book.

create your ownwebsite today. (2).jpg

See what my #bookbabes had to say ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥





create your ownwebsite today. (2).jpg


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